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Membrane Roof Restoration

Restoring your commercial roofing system

Membrane Roof Restoration Services In Mentor

Restoring your commercial roofing system may sound complicated, but with the experts at MBM Roofing it’s actually quite simple and straightforward. Commercial roof restoration can extend the life of an existing EPDM or Modified Bitumen roofing system while simultaneously saving on energy costs. They’re an effective and economical way to avoid having to have a total tear off or re-roof done on your Middlefield building. 

Our spray equipment is portable and compact, allowing most projects to be completed with very little manpower needed. Membrane restoration is also terrific for repairing penetration and flashings on commercial roofs.

What is Membrane Roof Restoration

Membrane restoration consists of a liquid silicone coating that is sprayed directly onto an existing roof system. It cures instantly and adheres successfully to most materials and substrates. Once cured, it’s waterproof and weatherproof, protecting the roof from the elements without having to fully replace the roof.

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Why Choose Membrane Restoration?

There are a number of reasons people choose silicone restoration membrane over complete re-roof, including:


Financial Benefits

This is one of the biggest perks of membrane restoration. A completely new commercial roof in Middlefield is expensive, so oftentimes it just makes sense to extend its life instead. As long as the substrate is stable and dry, you do not need a roof replacement. This means less manpower and less time spent on the project, which results in much lower costs overall.


Energy Efficiency

Restoration increases your building’s energy efficiency, thus saving you even more money over the years. Not only that, but you’re not sending the waste from your old roof to the dump when you restore instead of replace.


Easy Maintenance

Membrane restoration is a maintenance application, which means the process can actually be done multiple times without having to add an additional roofing system.



This system is applied very quickly, removing any disruptions to your everyday work processes.

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If your Middlefield commercial building’s roof is in need of a refresh, get in touch with MBM Roofing today. We have the knowledge and expertise to get your roof in great shape in no time at all!

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Is My Roof Qualified?

While restoration is a terrific alternative to replacing your commercial roof, not all roofing systems are created equally. In order for your existing roof to be eligible, there still needs to be considerable roof health. Some of the signs of this are:

The Process

The EPDM/Modified Bitumen Coating Systems consist of a three step process: WAC II roofing surface cleaner, Conklin Tack Coat surface primer and Conklin’s proven Rapid Roof® III reflective top coat. Once any repairs and all prep is complete, the liquid applied membrane can be sprayed onto the existing roof surface. Typically for roof membranes and substrates, all that is required is a light rinse or power wash of the treated surface. However, primer is required when it’s being applied over existing EPDM membranes.

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