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Fluid applied membrane systems have been available on the U.S. commercial waterproofing market for almost 20 years. Initially, the systems most frequently used were hot-applied emulsions with or without reinforcements. A liquid rubber membrane system was later developed that could be applied in cold-process applications. 

Unlike other coatings that  provide a film surface that requires reinforcements, this liquid acrylic forms a seamless membrane that provides longterm water and weatherproofing properties. Because it is a monolithic, seamless membrane, it provides a longer service life with less maintenance than other coating options. They offer economical solutions to almost all roofing applications while providing excellent performance characteristics.

MBM Roofing offers solutions for your commercial roof in Mentor, OH. Suppose you’re looking for a restoration of your roof or giving it waterproof/weatherproof protection, in that case, our Fluid Applied Membrane System is the solution for you.

Our team of certified professionals will make your roofing project straightforward and easy. By working with us, we will guarantee you complete satisfaction with your investment.

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The initial step in the restoration process with a fluid applied membrane system is the proper repair of the existing roof system and preparation of the roof surface: freeing the surface from dust, debris, oil, and grease, as well as addressing cracks, penetrations, and corners. Then, follows the application of the liquid acrylic membrane which is completed with a brush, roller, or spray.

Applicators should spray the liquid as a continuous, monolithic, and seamless membrane of uniform thickness; otherwise, you may need recoating.

When applied by knowledgeable installers, fluid-applied membrane systems are an excellent economical choice for building owners. They can perform in most building exterior applications and, since the spray equipment is small and mobile, most restorations can be completed with minimal disruption.

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MBM Roofing is your trusted company for your roofing in Mentor, OH. We pride ourselves on providing superior quality roofing solutions to our customers. For clients looking for a Fluid Applied Membrane Roofing System, we have the experience and expertise in applying this roofing system to meet all of your functional and aesthetic requirements.

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