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How to Restore a Metal Roof

Metal roofs can be strong and durable with proper maintenance. Still, even then, you can find that a metal roof repair is usually necessary. Metal roofs typically have an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years, depending on the roof’s quality.  If your metal roof is getting closer to the lifespan period, you might want to consider a metal roof restoration. Keep reading to learn more about how to provide an appropriate metal roof restoration.    Yes, You Can Restore a Metal Roof Metal roof repair or metal roof restoration is the most cost-efficient way to maintain it healthy and properly working. To give the ideal restoration to your metal roof, you must use superior quality products and the most reliable and experienced contractor available.  Increasing your metal roof’s lifespan is not only beneficial to the environment but also your budget. Before wasting thousands of dollars on a new roof, you can spend less and obtain the same restoration results.    Metal Roof Restoration No restoration is completed without fixing all the holes and all the loose panels to prevent leaks. A fluid-applied membrane system is ideal as it’s a waterproof seamless acrylic coating with a flexible fabric embedded. Combining this …

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Pros & Cons of Professional Membrane Roofing

Before acquiring any service, you should always get informed about the type of service you’re considering. If the service includes a product, you also need to obtain as much information as possible to realize an investment worth making. If you’re considering acquiring membrane commercial roofing for your business, then you better keep reading.    Membrane Roofing  Single-Ply Membranes are sheets composed of rubber and multiple synthetics that can be chemically engineered to adhere to insulation. Single-ply membranes provide a layer of protection to your business or commercial facility.  The two main types of single-ply membrane commercial roofing are Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) and Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM). The main differences come from their chemical properties, installation process, and energy efficiency rate.    Pros  Here are some of the pros of using membrane roofing systems: Easy to Install Installing single-ply membrane roofing is relatively simple compared to other multiple roofing installations. The first step is to prepare the substrate by cleaning or removing the already installed roof. The insulation layers are later installed and covered with a cover board. A roofing specialist can either use ballasted methods, use adhesive, or mechanically fastened to attach the membrane to the cover board.  Lightweight and …

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